アクセスランキング ☆CobraUSB☆UNOFFICIAL COBRA v7.00 *検証結果追記 : Hack Memo for Me

☆CobraUSB☆UNOFFICIAL COBRA v7.00 *検証結果追記

CobraUSBのアンオフィシャル版 UNOFFICIAL COBRA v7.00 がリリースされました。

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We recently recieved a package from a unnamed person on our forums and inside was what was claimed to be a cleaner better release of Cobra USB's source. Below is a direct quote from the readme contained inside.

COBRA 7.00

Hello, I'm Cobra USB main developer. First of all, this is an unofficial personal release from me, and not something from Team Cobra. Don't contact them for anything related with this release.
Second, no, no USB reqired, it can be used by anyone on any hackable ps3. That's why I called this mess of a release COBRA 7.00 and not Cobra USB 7.00.

Why this release?
Mainly because I can't stand things not done properly. The original source code of Cobra USB 5.X was released, and yes, all PS3 functionality is there, but also a lot of unnecesary things.
Had I been contacted before the release of the source code, I would have prepared something better.
And rather than seeing someone coming with a bad or incomplete release of a CFW or payload using the source, I prefer to lead the way with a first clean release. I don't think I will do any other.

Second, I wanted to have in a CFW both the functionality of Cobra and a regular CFW, and without that slow device delaying each lv2 boot by several seconds, which caused some side effects in version 6.00 (4.30) on pads, and that I had to fix with one of those ugly hacks/incomplete workarounds that I tend to hate.

Lastly, but no less, I was bored, lot of free time lately, that kills your brains...


What is not? COBRA 7.00 is not a CFW "per se".
COBRA 7.00 is a set of 7 files: lv2_kernel.self, ps2_emu.self, ps2_gxemu.self, ps2_netemu.self, stage2.bin, ps2hwemu_stage2.bin and ps2gxemu_stage2.bin, from those 7, the first 4 are mix of 4.46 CEX OFW files and COBRA code, the others being new and not present in OFW.

Those 7 files are expected to be mixed with existing regular 4.46 CEX based (totally CEX) CFW, to make a CFW that would mainly mix the functionality of both, except for any thing that the regular CFW may do in lv2_kernel.
About "theoretical" compatibility, check the readme in BIN/CFW_BUILDS. Theoretical because only one has been tested. This is, Rogero 4.46 1.00.
A sample PUP of mix of COBRA 7.00 and Rogero 4.46 1.00 is there as well. Mainly included for convenience, for having something end-user friendly.
This CFW has been tested by me on three very different models, a CECHA, a CECHC, and a SLIM.
But because it has only been tested by a single person, caution is to be expected. You are the only responsable of what you install in your machine.

Additionally, there are other parts, like netiso.sprx or cobralib, that are not technically part of COBRA 7.00. They are things expected to be used by managers.
No real change was done to them, just removed something unnecessary in netiso.

There are also some PC tools, the only one relevant to users being ps3netsrv, which has been updated with a new feature (see CHANGELOG).
Although there is no manager that uses that feature atm of writing this.

The source code of components is in SRC folder. The main components of Cobra expect the toolchain found at BSC page, with gcc 4.1.1.
http://www.bsc.es/projects/deepcomputing/linuxoncell/cellsimulator/sdk3.0/CellSDK-Open-Fedora/ -> install all ppu* files for your architecture.

Extra things expect either Sony SDK or psl1ght.
PC tools expect gcc. Some of the tools may not compile under mingw32 or won't work in win32. Some tool could give compilation warnings in 32 bits systems, not compile or binary may not work, this wasn't tested. (watch out ps2netemu_gen446)

WHY 4.46 AND NOT 4.50

1) I had already most symbols from 4.46 from some time ago, lazyness.
2) Because there was no good reason to update to 4.50. COBRA does the sfo version patch and sdk version patch on RAM, games for 4.50 are expected to work without changes.
3) Because new versions of 4.46 CFW's are unlikely to appear, then current release would support almost all of them. Minimal modification on some files causes COBRA not to detect some modules, see the readme in BIN/CFW_BUILDS.
4) An OFW bug causes pad synchronization problems when playing PS2 games in CECHA/CECHB in 4.50. I didn't want this one to be endorsed to me.


Install a 4.46 CEX cfw mixed with the 7 files of COBRA 7.00.
A sample of a mix of Rogero 4.46 1.00 and Cobra is provided in BIN/CFW_BUILDS/
Check the txt there for compatibility with other cfw.

Install mmCM_04.18.pkg, which has been included here for convenience (it has only been repackaged to avoid version error with multiman).
This won't delete your current version of multiman (if any), it will instead add mmCM to it.
After installation of this package, multiman can run in two modes, "multiman" and "mmCM", by default it will run in "mmCM" mode under Cobra.
Check CHANGELOW below about how to force COBRA 7.00 to run multiman in "multiman mode", this only makes sense if you installed both, mutiman and mmCM.

We wouldnt normally post something like this, put inspection of the contents of this package lead us to believe its possible its legit. Tortuga Cove strongly cautions you not mess with this package unless you are either

1. A ps3 dev capible of verifying the files contained within.

2. You have a nand/nor flasher and are capible of recovering if something goes wrong.


検証本体 FAT60G

- CobraUSB自体は不要です
- ベースFWは4.46になりますので4.46以下のCFWからか3.55以下のOFW又はシステムアップデートデバッグをONに出来る状態のCFW4.50導入本体で導入可能になるようです。
- multiMANは同梱されているmmCM_04.18を使用したほうが良いようです。
- multiMANでISO化したPS2規格ソフトのバックアップ起動を確認しました。



- hiropon852 - 2013年11月03日 14:04:41

むーむさんこんにちは~ ご無沙汰いたしております。







FAT 60G Cobra_CFW_430から直接アップデートできました








- むーむ - 2013年11月03日 19:00:02


PS2ソフト起動時に接続が切れるとの事ですが FAT60Gで検証時にはワイヤレスで接続出来 切れませんでした。


* 質問は遠慮なくどうぞ☆
* 質問される場合は、出来るだけ詳しく環境、状況を書いて下さい。
* 出来る限り国内サイトのURLは張らないで下さい(相手に迷惑が掛かる場合がある為)
* 違法に手に入れた物(ROMやDLCなど)の質問をされた場合は即アクセス禁止処置をさせて頂きます。
* PS3ソフトの起動相談はPS3動作相談所にてお願いします
* 迷惑コメント対策で”http”を禁止ワードにしていますのでURLを張るときは”h”を抜いて張ってください。



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