アクセスランキング ☆PS3App☆Movian Testing v4.9.322 : Hack Memo for Me



☆PS3App☆Movian Testing v4.9.322

音楽や動画を再生可能な メディアプレイヤー Movian Testing v4.9.322(旧名Showtime)がリリースされました。

ICON0_201405090431222a9.png 情報元


for multiMAN

Changes in 4.9.322
* Terminate screensaver when we open a location using HTTP api
* Keep track of which events are sourced from user and not
* glw: Only trig mouse->keyboard on dpad events
* glw/glw.c: Delete trailing whitespaces
* glw/video: Map evens in view language intstead of hardwired in glw_video_common.c
* prop: Improve prop_print_tree()
* osx: Fix bugs related to cursor hiding
* glw/video: Cosmetics, delete trailing whitespaces
* plugin: Fix problem with status after install
* osx: Cosmetics, delete trailing whitespaces
* osx: Add support for hiding cursor
* Fix spelling errors in Italian translation
* Update Italian translation
* glw: When switching from mouse -> keyboard mode, use first event to "wakeup" focus
* mac: Map esc-key also to nav-back action
* glw: Improve get_identity() for better debug
* glw/array: Remove unused vars
* metadata: Set icon in metadata_to_proptree()
* glw: Iterate items in reverse when unprojecting mouse coordinates
* fascanner: Add a missing courier poll
* osx: Fix broken fullscreen mode
* glw/array: Remove unused flags
* linux/fontconfig: Skip non-scalable and non-outline fonts
* Map right mouse button to item-menu action
* glw/propName(): Avoid NULL deref
* metadata: Give real name to multiopt items
* Improve caching for image loading
* glw/view: Plug a memory leak
* ecmascript: Add support for granting plugins filesys read/write access …
This is based on entitlements in plugin.json
* glw/array: Fix missing refresh scheduling
* glw: Add supporting stuff for switching between keyboard/mouse UI
* glw/cursor: Improve tracking
* glw: Add glw_mtx_mul()
* glw/list: Improve layout when scrolling to a specific widget
* glw: Add support for GainedFocus and LostFocus events
* glw: Add focusedClone() method
* glw: Fix typo causing align: in styles to fail epicly
* glw: Add a resizer widget
* glw: Avoid some focus churn
* glw: Fix problem with taking variable of item on stack that goes out … …
* Makefile: Put back accidentally commented out deps
* glw/image: Avoid negative width/heights for images
* smb: Fix bad filename parsing
* glw: Add support for style inheritence
* glw: Add support for 'align' and 'source' attributes in styles
* glw: Allow non-pure statements in styles
* glw_view_eval.c: Delete trailing whitespaces
* linux: Make the x11 default to 1280x720 in size
* svg: Add support for polygon elements
* svg: Add support for s/S commands
* Fix broken URL+parameter concat in fa_load() if URL contains parameter already
* Request gzip compression for news and upgrade control files
* nacl: Add mouse support
* nacl: Rework loading screen a bit
* glw: Add a new experimental throbber
* Update .lang files
* Remove 'Showtime' from a setting title
* upgrade: Use APPNAMEUSER instead of 'Showtime'
* Switch to https://movian.tv/... for upgrade checks, etc
* Never show news from the website that was created before the install … …
* nacl: Filter out unicode chars < 32 in uncode input path
* nacl: Add some notes to dbg.txt
* nacl: Add support for broadcast UDP
* nacl: Proper asyncio subsystem startup
* nacl: Fix build on linux
* osx: Add missing function webbrowser_open()
* ps3: New toolchain (again)
* ps3: Update toolchain
* Add support for listing and showing news from website
* linux: Improve web browser popup stuff
* ps3: Add web browser popup support
* Add new content type CONTENT_SHARE
This is used for network shares which are not really directories
and might require auth if stat()ed or probed. So avoid that during
directory scan (and just stat when opening it)
* skin: Fix typo in upgrade page
* time: If year < 100 add 2000 to it
* Rename android class names
* android: Build openssl and shared libav
* android: Build with openssl
* Make the application's name configurable
* Remove 'Showtime' from some user facing strings
* Rename apps -> plugins
* Remove ancient files in support/osx
* Relieve some function names of the showtime_ prefix
* Remove out-dated plugni documentation (it's on the wiki now)
* Drop non-working Wii port
* Rename showtime.h -> main.h
* Rename showtime_get_ts() -> arch_get_ts()
* Update copyright headers
* Fix rebase fallout
* If spidermonkey is not compiled in load all plugins in ecmascript mode
* nacl: Add 'fullscreen' to manifest's permissions
* nacl: Add 'dist' target to makefile
* nacl: Improve error message for DNS resolving
* nacl/asyncio: Fix bug causing crash if we had pending writes on a closing socket
* nacl: Clear audio output buffer to avoid noise during startup
* nacl: Various features …
* android: Add key mappings for media transport
* android/net: Get rid of 'net_get_interfaces not impemented'
* android: Add support for long-press and make DPAD center LP open item menu
* android: Disable video acceleration
* glw: Add support for cutting out holes in OpneGL scene for video rectangles
* android: Build better 'system_type' info string
* android: Create/Destroy GLW when app is backgrounded
* android: Make video decode/display work somewhat
* configure: Fix bad checkin libyuv_setup()
* nacl: Semi-working video acceleration
* nacl/main: Get VideoDecoder interface
* nacl: Add support for conditional rendering and idle when tab is not … …
* nacl/fs: Remove debug message
* glw: Don't render if num_vertices == 0
* nacl: Create a 'dist' target that creates a zip file (for now)
* asyncio/pepper: Remove uncondiotional debug
* nacl/main: Refactor a bit
* nacl/asyncio: Turn off some debug
* nacl: Add fullscreen support
* nacl: Init navigator on helper thread as it does File IO
* nacl: Trap if we do File IO on main thread
* asyncio_pepper: cosmetics
* nacl/audio: Fix avsync
* glw: Fix view loading when no URL is given (and only alturl should be… …
* asyncio: Clarify time domain for async_current_time()
* httpserver: Remove unused include + some cosmetics
* asyncio: Split async HTTP to a file of its own
* htsbuf: Remove an invalid const qualifier
* net/pepper: Plug a resource leak
* net: Fix net_addr <-> human conversion functions
* net/pepper: Expose net_addr conversion functions
* nacl: Grab UDPSOCKET interface
* asyncio: Rework timer code to be less platform specific
* Rework asyncio to hide the details of polling FDs, etc …
* nacl: Add video render support
* glw/video: Remove EVENT_VIDEO_VISIBILITY
* net/polarssl: Fix regression in recv path
* Get rid of astray debug output
* db: Use fileaccess for sqlite VFS layer
* nacl: Add audio support
* net/pepper: Add support for tcp_shutdown()
* net/pepper: Use nacl_errmsg() to present real error for user
* settings: Change a TRACE_ERROR to SETTINGS_TRACE()
* osx: Fix broken glw_fini / window close procedure
* nacl: Acquire lock when loading glw universe
* glw: Add support for asynchronous loading of .view files
* Initial NaCl support
* htsmsg_store: Switch to using fileaccess VFS layer
* blobcache: Switch to using fileaccess VFS layer
* showtime/core: More path related debug during startup
* Avoid file:// in hardcoded paths
* Use fa_makedir() insted of mkdir()
* Don't assume fa_protocol_fs always exist
* fa_ntfs: Change ntfs_makedirs() -> ntfs_makedir()
* fileaccess: Add FAP_EXIST error code
* posix/threads: Remove NaCl specifics
* Make polarssl build on native client
* Only compile fa_fs.c on platforms where it is supported
* duktape: Add native client
* plugin: Use fileaccess for all file IO
* Make log-over-udp support compile-time optional
* jpeg: Add missing #include
* Refactor makedir support in fileaccess
* Cleanup some superflous #include statements
* net: Use tcp_shutdown() in tcp_cancel() for better portability
* glw_open_shaders.c: Don't define projection[] if unused
* Clean up some broken includes if spidermonkey is disabled
* Remove empty file sub_scanner.c
* If HTTPSERVER is not enabled, avoid some http_path_add() calls
* Avoid ntohl() and friends in common code (non portable)
* configure.inc: Use CC nstead of TOOLCHAIN-gcc
* arch: Fix atomic.h and threads.h for nacl
* Remove android/ dir
* glw: Fix handling of Tab & Shift+Tab which has been broken for a while
* Update Danish translation
* prop: Sending event to NULL property should be a no-op instead of crashing
* Change content-type from "text/ascii" to "text/plain" where relevant
* text: Need to clamp bounding box to max_width or margin might explode
This causes too big textures to be created
* videoplayer: Clear video title in data model after playback has completed (or failed)
* Improve some debug prinouts in video player
* get rid of a stray debug printout
* Fix problem with restart/resume when selected from item menu
Page redirects caused that particular information to get lost
* torrent: Don't override canonicalUrl
* Add option to ask user before doing video resume …
* smb: Forgot a NULL check
* hls: Add support for MP3 audio tracks
* hls: Add some extra debug help
* media/codec: Don't force codec to use number of CPU cores as concurrency
Instead let it figure it out itself. If we force it to use multithreading
VDPAU will run into problems when switching to/from accelerated mode
* hls: Fix issuse with seeking (mostly visible on Raspberry Pi)
* audio: Remove dead code (dummy_audio_thread)
* Plugin two small memleaks spotted by valgrind
* smb: Query for 0x20 (Fileserver) when trying to resolve names over NetBIOS
* media: Fix some seeking issues
Avoid bumping mp_epoch twice when we seek in queues
Also make sure we call mp_seek_initiate() when seeking in queues
* hls: Improve some debug
* video: Fix broken conditional causing lockups in software decoder on flush
* hls: Add missing flush of media_pipe that could cause lockup with some hw accelerators
* smb: Fix a crash when NMB request times out
* smb: Fix browsing problems when there are multiple workgroup/domains on local lan
* smb: Fix problem with workgroups not named 'WORKGROUP'
* Add support for loading multiple dev plugins (-p can be passed multiple times)
* Add support for browsing SMB computers under "Local network"
* Remove some VDPAU debug output on linux
* Add back missing video codec flush
* Fix NULL deref causing crashes in various places
* Fix a typo
* hls: Fix various memory / resource leaks …
* Merge pull request #181 from Cy-4AH/fix-missing-sleep …
* ecmascript: add missing showtime.sleep(x)
* smb: Remove a misplaces mutex unlock
* hls: Add mandatory padding for parsers
* hls: Always open .ts files in streaming mode unless byte-ranges are specified
Some HLS web servers are just too broken to work with range requests (which Showtime defaults to) so avoid it if possible
* smb: Add support for browsing shares …
* glw: Log user adjustment when logging about UI scaling changes
* nativesmb: Refactoring
* Move smb code into a dir of its own
* nativesmb: Delete trailing whitespaces
* hls: Rewrite demuxer
Add support for supplemental audio tracks and also add option for user to select audio tracks
* rpi: Upgrade stos to 1.0.19 (include boot fsck)
* glw/sinewave() fix bad wrapping
* skin: Use 'source' if 'title' is not present in audio track list
* ecmascript/page: Add asynchronous paginator
* video: Rework flushing when reaching end of video
* Remove support for libsidplay2 (linux only) - Doesn't link anymore
* Remove unused argument to mp_flush
* ecmascript/v1api: Only parse plugin descriptor once
* videoplayback: Remove restartposition in db for non-seekable items
* ecmascript/page.js: Fix typo when parsing videoparams in page.appendItem
* Add new page menu option "Erase all playback info"
* video/playback: If stream doesn't have a duration (ie is not seekable). Don't try to resume position
* playinfo: Remove unused define
* Rename 'Music' -> 'Audio' in homepage's list mode
* ecmascript: Fix crash on plugin unload if item.bindVideoMetadata() was used.
Also add new item.unbindVideoMetadata() which undoes what bindVideoMetadata() does
* videoplayer: Don't remember position if video duration is unset …
* videoplayback: Only scan for subs if we can determine video duration or compute subtitle hashes
* ps3/video: Fix recent regression causing codec failure when playing videos back to back
* Fix an incorrect check …
* image: WIP code for computing dominant color of an image
* Make XML parser a bit more robust
* glw/array: Rendering of margin was bad, fix
* glw: Fix bad autoFocus limiting (don't scan old tree)
* glw: Add support for classic '#RRGGBB' and '#RGB' notation where floa… …
* glw: Rename t_float_vector_int[] to t_float_vector[]
* osx: Add retina support
* ecamscript: Make sure es_prop_to_rstr() returns NULL if value type is not a string
* rtmp: Don't scan for subtitles for live feeds
* Fix wrong argument to mp_set_video_codec()
* rpi/cec: Map ContentsMenu button to ACTION_SHOW_MEDIA_STATS
* Improve error messages in XML parser (include linenum + column)
* ecmascript: Add command line option to bypass file ACL checks
* ecmascript: Fix module paths for loading relative to script
* ecmascript: Include some timing when loading plugins
* ecmascript: Fix broken integer-setting range clamping
* rpi: Fix problem with audio digital pass through and multiple audio t… …
* rpi/cec: Fix some key mappings
- CEC's SetupMenu brings up the Page Menu
- CEC's ContentMenut brings up the Item Menu
* trivial: Drop trailing whitespaces
* ui/video: Only display avdiff / decode time if relevant
* chlog: Fetch in force mode
* rpi: Fix audio pass through …
* rpi/omx: Retry state transition if we have a resource problem
* http: Never park file handles that use "Connection: Close" HTTP connections
* httpclient: Improve some debug messages
* httpclient: Fix bug in seek-by-read where we miscalculated bytes remaining on socket
* Add --disable-upgrades option that just turns off all upgrade checks
* glw: Make focusedChild() only return prop references
Also enable the "unlink previously linked properties in assignment if the new assignment is a (void)"
* video: Reset media_pipe codec when 'video decoder' switches decoder instance
* bittorrent: Add missing diskio_open() when resuming torrent from cache
* bittorrent: Use torrentfile://.../... as canonical URL for video play back
* freetype.c: Get rid of trailing whitespaces
* Fix font positions
* Turn off duktape assertions
* Upgrade duktape to v1.0.0-436-g3555a83
* ecmascript: Allow wider file access.
The fs module can now read/write from both the plugin's store path and the plugin's load path. This makes it possible to load assets from the plugin archive/directory
* bittorrent: Allow initialization of torrents from disk cache.
This speeds up opening of magnet links from cached torrents.
Also makes it possible to open bookmarks such as torrentfile://.../
* Use torrentfile:// for browsing top level directory in torrents …
* Update language files
* Pull libav forward submodule ext/libav 13917ec..b8cad39:
> flvdec: Increase string buffer to avoid bailing on some streams
* Make it possible to rebuild external deps a little easier
* Fix broken build
* bittorrent: Improve transfer stats
* ecmascript: Turn on assertions again or it crashes on osx
* bittorrent: Log HTTP tracker responses
* Improve seeking by increasing epoch on seek events
* ecmascript: Fix bug with subtitle autoseclection when subs added from plugin
* ecmascript: Fix usage reporting
* Revert "ui: Correctly show audio services when home menu is in list mode: This reverts commit 253f40b.
* bittorrent: Fix seeder issue in annoucements: Don't send "0 bytes left to download" in tracker queries as that might make trackers think we're a seeder (which we almost never are)
* bittorrent: Add 'Clear cache' features
* Speed up ecmascript a bit (turn of assertions and do less GCing)
* Get rid of a stray debug print
* bittorrent: Add support for magnet links (No DHT support yet)
* debian: Remove dependency on hal
* Add support for RTMP redirects
* ecmascript: Bind playinfo to video items in page.js
* ui: Correctly show audio services when home menu is in list mode …
* configure: Update submodules with --force option
* upgrade: Don't crash in STOS upgrade code if omnigrade is set
* More detailed info when updating submodules
* http: When loading images, always try to parse returned content …
This makes it possible for us to display images that are returned as 404 errors
* Update French translation
* Updated Polish lng

* Add better debug support to ecmascript plugins.
This currently logs information about routes and HTTP inspection.

Debug is conditional and only enabled if:
- The plugin is loaded as the 'dev plugin' (-p option)
- Or if 'debug: true' is set in the plugin.json manifest file

* Fix typo in settings:dev
* ui: Make URL on error page wrap to multiple lines
* bittorrent: Make it possible to control debug output from settings:dev
* bittorrent: Support 'compact' representation of peers in HTTP tracker reponses
* httpclient: When appending args to path, don't use '?' if path already contains it
* ecmascript: Fix missing unlink in subtitle provider unregistration
* Work in-progress for rendering of sRGB / CIE 1931 color space video
* Don't crash if we fail to setup swscale for video
* Use avcodec_copy_context() for all decoders: This is according to libav changelog to reduce races between demux and decode
* ps3: Warn for excessive ref-frames also for 720 content (9 is max) …
* ui: Make error message span multiple lines if necessary …
* Use same regex engine (trex) for all targets …
* audio: Try to output samples to audio drivers more often for huge frames …
* Fixes stuttering when playing certain type of containers/codecs (APE in particular)
* ecmascript: Get rid of another debug output
* Empty commit to adjust version numbers
* ecamscript: Remove some debug printouts
* Add support for decoding of BMP images …
* ecmascript: Better handling of when pages are closed during script execution
* This gets rid of lots of ugly tracebacks when pages are closed
* Make UPNP debug conditional
* Upgrade to libav 11
* Start of 4.9 development phase



コピーが終わったら USBメモリーをPS3本体に指します


PS3のXMBのゲームの install Package Filesで ○ボタンを押します。


インストールしたいPKGファイルを十字キー上下で捜し ○ボタンを押します。


* インストールが完了しましたと出るとインストール成功です。




×ボタン 決定
○ボタン 戻る
△ボタン オプションメニュー
□ボタン スクリーンセイバー

スタートボタン 再生
セレクトボタン メニュー

L3ボタン 再生時の情報表示
R3ボタン コンソールログ


USBメモリーなどに画像 音楽 動画をルートに配置してPS3HDDの項目から指定すれば再生できます


* 質問は遠慮なくどうぞ☆
* 質問される場合は、出来るだけ詳しく環境、状況を書いて下さい。
* 出来る限り国内サイトのURLは張らないで下さい(相手に迷惑が掛かる場合がある為)
* 違法に手に入れた物(ROMやDLCなど)の質問をされた場合は即アクセス禁止処置をさせて頂きます。
* PS3ソフトの起動相談はPS3動作相談所にてお願いします
* 迷惑コメント対策で”http”を禁止ワードにしていますのでURLを張るときは”h”を抜いて張ってください。



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